Thing In Which You May Be Interested: I’m Moving To

Astute Internet observers may have noticed* that I’ve quieted down in the past week or so; I haven’t been writing on The Dagger or at SB Nation, and I haven’t been tweeting or sharing on Google Reader or Tumbling (I laid off the Tumbling a while ago, moreso than usual) or doing any of the normal things that indicate health in an Internet user in the year 2009.

*Just kidding. Of course you haven’t noticed. It’s remarkable how easy it is to fade from sight on the Internet sometimes. I have a feeling you got along just fine.

This is because I’ve been taking a few days off in advance of this: On Monday, I start a new full-time job as a college basketball writer and blogger for

It’s very exciting stuff; I’ll be helping write and edit a newly launched college hoops blog aimed at covering the entire college basketball world, from top to bottom, and I’ll be working alongside some of my favorite college basketball writers — Pat Forde, Dana O’Neil, Andy Katz and the like. There’s a chance to build a really great blogging experience here, and I’m still flabbergasted I’ve been chosen to help build it. Saying “I’m excited” doesn’t really cover it, but I am excited. Very. I can’t thank the folks behind the curtain at ESPN for giving me this opportunity. It’s amazing.

I’m also a little sad, because taking this job means leaving several others, and the wonderful people that accompany those jobs. Jamie Mottram and Mark Pesavento at Yahoo!, for starters. The two have helped build something truly special in sports media, and choosing to leave that behind did not come easily to me. At SB Nation, Chris Mottram and Jim Bankoff and the whole team are set to revolutionize the way readers consume sports. I’ll miss working at NBC Chicago, where John Ness, staring down from his Jack Donaghy-esque corner office in New York City, gave me a shot to be an editor in January, allowing me to quit my desk job, where I was decidedly not writing about college basketball or the Chicago Bears (at least not when my boss was around). And even though this is a few months in the past, this job means no more writing with my longtime writing partner Ryan Corazza, the first time in four years we won’t be writing for the same sports blog. Were it not for Ryan, I wouldn’t even be employable. Also, he’s a pretty chill bro. ‘Thanks,’ ‘Ryan.’

I am deeply grateful to all of you. Thanks so much.

That said, excitement dwarfs sadness in this equation. Monday is the beginning of a whole new thing, and it’s going to rock, so please come check us out. (The site in its current form is here.) And if you have any suggestions, thoughts, comments, asides, or sushi recommendations, please send them along. And please check for updates and new site news on Twitter and the like. Thanks.

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